Marriage games in the Tenretni(Internet) or How Females Find Their Males.

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Marriage games in the Tenretni or How Females Find Their Males.

The most exiting world that I have ever seen in my life was the Tenretni. The individuals actively use the world of Tenretni in the personal purposes, - among these millions the couple of hundreds might be close to human on spirit. Onliners do not know what is the real life. They select their partner virtually. They live with them long and happily in a web and get married in virtual Palace of Weddings. Actually, in this world lives about ten millions of married onliners. It was very exciting to find out how females find their life-long partner at the Tenretni

There is a big variety of dating service. Each service has something special. For example very popular service of meeting each other is meeting agency or meeting site. First of all each site from the very beginning will offer to fill in the questionnaire, where onliners should indicate what kind of person they are looking for.

There may be a lot of different arguments: the age, formation, color of an eye, sign of the zodiac, availability of children, quality of the salary, growth, weight etc. Is not necessary that females will find at once future male. More often it happened on third or even on fifth time. Is very important to onliners to indicate, that kind of the male they are searching for. And than try to search through the all information proposed by a site.

Secondly females decide which male they will choice. The variety of choice will be very big, but females should not be relaxed and rush on the first they liked. By a close image learn everything, discard too cheerful, too silly and impudent. It is very important for them to not be...