Martin Luther and Benjamin Franklin

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Martin Luther grew up during the Italian Renaissance, a time when Italy began moving from Medieval to Modern times, a time of tension in the political and economic arenas. The Italian Renaissance marked the rebirth of republicanism and capitalism. Luther also grew up during the Northern Renaissance, at which time the introduction of Nationalism took place. Nationalism based itself on controlling the businessmen, aristocrats, and the church. At the same time capitalism began growing rapidly and the serf's established a bank, built sometime between 1200 and 1500. The Italian government would not allow free capitalism so it offered Nobility. A mercantile system regulated the economy by making a hierarchy in the business world in order to get the businessmen to make more things that would benefit the nation and make it more self reliant.

Luther's father worked as a farmer and decided to buy mining fields in order to better the life of his family.

He became successful and made enough money to be able to send Luther to University. Once a person finished University he could join the Nobility. Through seeing his father work from being a landless farmer to being a part of the upper middle class, Luther believed that anything's possible if he worked at it.

Around the time of Benjamin Franklin's birth the colonies were expanding and beginning to make their own laws. In 1702 Queen Anne took the English throne and declared war on France to prevent the union of France and Spain. This war was called Queen Anne's War in the colonies, and the colonials had to battle the French, Spanish and Native Americans for the next eleven years. Also in 1702 the Anglican Church was established as the official church in Maryland, and it was financially supported by taxing free men, male...