Mastering Auto Mechanics

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There are many people in the world that would benefit from learning a new skill. Take working on vehicles for example. This is a skill that few have but many should learn. Think of all the benefits that one would reap if they themselves knew how to change a spark plug or even fix a broke down car.

One benefit would be that one wouldn't have to pay someone to look at it and say "Well, I think it's just your battery." A person would know as soon as they tried to start it and it didn't crank. These days one has to pay to have for someone to tell them their problems. Then after they tell one what their problem is, they want to charge them an arm and leg for labor and part. But if a person knew how to work on vehicles they would just have to pay for the parts.

That would make their bill a lot less then if they had to pay for both labor and parts.

Let's say that ones car breaks down. They go to a mechanic shop to have it fixed and the tech there tells them "sorry but it will be at least two weeks before we can start on it". What do they do then? They wait! Had they known what they were looking for, they could have been fixing it with very little wait time. Depending on where the person takes the vehicle the wait time could be more or less then two weeks. Taking it to a big dealer might make the wait longer do to the fact that most people want a tech that knows their type of vehicle.

Another great reason a person should learn this skill is there is good money in being...