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THE GREATEST TEXT I have read other poems in the past but the poemStill I Rise by Maya Angelou is the greatest text in my opinion. I justify this by saying that it has made the greatest impact in my life. It is a poem by a woman that is beyond is noble. It is not only an inspiration to me but to other women in the world. When I read this a wonderful feeling comes over me.

I can remember when I was younger sitting in my old classroom. The walls were bland and very ill-favored. Everyone was discussing the different trials and tribulations of their life in their separate cliques, but everyone was still held together by that bond of being human. I was pessimistic at that time about my life. I then turned to the page and started reading a poem that I never heard of before understanding it fully but not giving it a second thought for a while.

Then, one day when I was older I read it again but this time it caught me as being related to me in a way. This explained things that were going on in my life so perfectly at the time that I was wondering to myself why I had not noticed it before. It had a very real and powerful delivery that enjoyed. The first stanza just brought you into another person?s world and examined it with much detail.

An example of why I thought this poem was the portrait of my life was one day when I was in high school we had to do a project for my DECA marketing class and then present it to the class. I did not mind that we had to do it but the topic that I...