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Going back to school was a hard decision. Choosing a college to attend was also hard especially since I am a husband, father and employee. After doing long extensive research and taking into consideration the standards I have imposed on myself, I decided to attend Mckendree College. I had many colleges and universities to consider and choosing Mckendree was not easy, but it was the college with the most options for a person in my position.

The most important reason why I decided to attend McKendree College was because the institution accepted of my veteran?s benefits. I retired from the United States Army and I am considered disabled, so the Department of Veterans Affair provides all the benefits necessary for me to attend college. These benefits include full tuition, books and a monthly stipend for as long as I continue my education toward a degree. So in order to receive 100 percent of the award money I have to be considered a full time student.

At Mckendree I am considered a full time student if I earn 12 credits each semester.

Another very important reason I choose Mckendree College is its very flexible course schedule. Most conventional colleges typically meet everyday for an hour or two. Going to school that often and that long would be too strenuous and would affect my family and job. If I am too tired because I had to stay up all night to do homework how will I perform at work? I would not and ultimately be terminated, and if I lost my job I would not be able to support my family. So Mckendree College has the best schedule for a veteran who is still working and has a young family. This flexible course schedule is convenient and helps me balance the competing...