The Meaning of Faith

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Faith is a conviction of things not seen. It is confidence, a truth in reality of things we ca not prove. Religious faith is concerned with ultimate reality, meaning things that bring a change in our lives. The world and all the things that happen in it are a mystery, but everything happens because of something. In addition Christianity attempts to answer this saying that is God revealing himself and that he has a personal relationship with humans. Consequently we have to believe that we have a God and that everything that happens here in the world is because He has a reason. Faith is a personal journey with God, is a conviction that God is real; as a result we have to accept everything that He has prepared for us.

Throughout my life, I have experienced the power and love of God several times, however; the one that has impacted my life the most was the one explained here.

One day in 1998, when I was 16 years old. I was in my house an afternoon after school. I was doing what a kid at that age enjoys doing; watching my favorite program on TV, laying on my bed and eating junk food all at the same time. My mom and dad were supposedly at work. Food in the bedrooms was not allowed if my parents were home, but we knew they came back late from work so we took advantage of this. My program was in commercials, so I went to the kitchen to take something to drink. I heard my dad opening the door of the house and I saw my mom coming with him from the window in the kitchen. I thought it was strange because it was early; nevertheless, at that moment I did not had time to think that something was not good. I was very naïve because of my age, and I just ran to my room to hide all the food so my parents wouldn't tell me anything. My brother was 19 at that time. Continuously, I went to his room to let him know my parents were home so he could also had time to hide his food, but it was too late. My dad was calling us at that same time that was when I realized something was not good. We went to the terrace the 4 of us to talk. My parent's faces were very sad, my mom's eyes looked as if she had been crying the whole day. I was very nervous and started screaming desperately, what happens? What happens? My dad just hugged me. After approximately 10 minutes they were finally able to speak, my dad told us sometimes things happen in life that we are not able to change and they have a reason to be like that, the reason is God. Your mom went to the doctor today to get her normal checkup and the doctor found something that he doesn't like. Your mom has a tumor in her stomach, we don't know yet if is malignant or benign. The doctor does not want to waste time checking if it is good or bad, he wants to take out immediately. By this point I was crying like a baby I hugged my mom, gave her a kiss and didn't stop staring at her, she didn't wanted to cry because of me, she was just trying to be strong. My dad continued, he told us tomorrow morning we have to be at the hospital at 7am and the surgery is going to start an hour later, it will take approximately 3 hours and the results are going to be ready in the afternoon. My dad told us that my mom didn't want anybody to know, just her mom and us. She didn't want all the people visiting given that it was a fast decision and she was going to get nervous. After we talked about it, she just wanted to go to sleep and just wake up the next day; she wanted time to pass by fast. I gave her a kiss and told her God is with us, my brother did the same thing. That night was when I realize that we need to have faith in God. I was about to die, I thought about everything that could happen just the bad part though. I thought if my mom's tumor is malignant, she could die if the cancer spreads, what would happen with my life if that happens? It was the worst night ever I cried and cried and thought about the worst all the time. After 2 hours of non-stop crying my grandmother who is very religiously devoted knocked on my door and came into my bedroom. She told me I know how you feel, I feel the same way, please pray with me. She spent the whole night with me talking about how God do everything with the best reason behind it. She told me there is a God that loves us and wants the best for us and he is not going to put something in our lives that we are not going to be able to handle. With her by my side I calmed, we prayed, we read the Bible several times, we even went to see a priest that is a family friend and he talked with me for about an hour. It was already the next morning I was stronger and ready to receive any news good or bad. Deep inside I knew everything was going to be perfect. I felt God sent me a message every time I read the Bible, and I knew God was not going to leave me alone in this one. The surgery was finally taking place and I spent the 3 hours in the chapel with my brother. I was telling him how I knew everything was going to be fine and talking him about how good God is. She got out, she looked so strong and healthy, they took her to a room and we were there with her. Finally the doctor came in to the room with a big smile and flowers. I knew God didn't leave me. The results came earlier than what they were suppose to and they were wonderful. We were so happy, we couldn't stop kissing and hugging her.

With this incident that life gave me I learn many things. Now I am a person that believes in God, now I see something behind everything. Now I pray all the time and leave all my problems in God hands. Before I used to go to Church but never understood the meaning of anything. I never read the Bible or anything. After that I even promised God I was going to pray the rosary every day for one year and I did. My life changed drastically, I was more attached to God now and actually enjoyed praying. God gives us everything because he knows we are going to be able to handle it and because we are going to learn something valuable from that. God sent me this in order for me to pray more and be more dedicated to the needy people.