A Memorable Experience (The Lesson of Pranks)

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Until today I still remember vividly the foolish mistake that I made ten years ago. At that time, I was extremely mischievous and despite my parents' teachings, I would spend all day hanging out with other notorious boys in the neighbourhood. Together we would join in all sorts of activities including outrageous tricks on other people. Nonetheless, for many times our "jobs" had been interfered in by an old nosy man. To retaliate this, one night we decided to steal guavas from his garden. In the pitch darkness, we stealthily clambered up the mossy wall, over the pointed pieces of glass scattered at the top and successfully approached the tree's branches. Greedily we picked all the guavas, both ripe and green, within our reach and threw them into the bags we had carried along. With a silly sense of achievement, we picked and picked, crammed and crammed until… "C'm down here…immediately… immediately …you… damned boys…" roared a cold sharp angry male voice.

At the same time, a flash cut through the tree and lit up the position we were hiding. In a moment, my lung went empty. My heart pounded uncontrollably. My body went frozen. However, the shouts of the other boys instantly drew me back to reality. In a wink, I flew through the slush clump of the guava tree, swung myself onto the wall… when all of a sudden I felt something sharp jerked through my hand. By natural reaction, I yelled in pain, let my hands of the wall, and fell to the ground in a heavy thud… Two hours later, with hands and legs covered in white bandages I was escorted home by the man. Then he had a rather long and seemingly serious talk with my parents, leaving me waiting in anxiety and in anticipation of the harshest punishment. Nevertheless, afterwards they gave me gentle words of sympathy and made no reference to my stupid action. Their tolerance really opened up my eyes and from that day I committed myself to giving up all those rebellious tricks.