Men or Women : Who Lies More in a Relationship?

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Through out the stages of a relationship, from the initial meeting up through married years men and women never stop lying to and deceiving each other. Though society likes to make us believe that the majority of this lying is done by men, and studies have even proven this to be true. The facts are that these studies can be questioned and proved to be biased and untrue. Another thing is that by looking at the stages of a relationship from the first meeting to dating and up through marriage. It can be said in confidence and without question. Women lie and deceive more during the course of a relationship then men.

Through observing men and women during their initial meeting and the conversation that follows, what will be found is that there is almost always some form of deception going on. It is dating this initial meeting that lying and deception are most prevalent.

For it is during this period that both men and women will try to impress the other with lies and deception. It is during this stage that critics say men start their lying ways. Those same critics say that it is during this stage that men are only looking for sex and will lie and deceive to achieve their goal. What they fail to tell you is the other side. The fact of the matter is that women will use the knowledge of a men?s physical nature to deceive him. According to author Sally Caldwell;? It is during the period of the first meeting that a woman will use sexual prowess to entice a man weather she finds him attractive or not?. If she finds the man to be mate material she will use whatever means she can to entice him be it truth or...