The Mental Stimulation of Fast Food

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Have you ever wondered why you buy so much fast food at fast food resturants? Is it because of their selection and efficientcy? Or is it because of thousands of messages telling you to buy! Buy! BUY! Though you may not be aware of it, there are millions of messages your body is sending you as well as the resturant is sending you. Fast food resturants fo not hesitate to hypnotize you. From the moment you walk in to the moment you throw your trash away you are hypnotized to buy.

I have found through observation that most fast food resturants aim for you to want to use the drive through. With our fast paced lifestyles they have adapted their indoor enviroments to be suitable for a quick meal. How do I know what appeals directly to you though? I don't. I do know how media in resturants appeal to certain learning styles.

I also know that we all are falling subject in one of the four which are: Visual learning, auditorial learning,kinesthetic learning, and written word learning. Today's generation is generally audio abnd visual predominant.

Since our generation of people is more audio and visual resturants try to use more audio and visual media to attract people to their food. In A&W, however, they give you a dining experiance appealing to all learning styles. A&W is a fast food restuarant that has a 50/60's diner style. It is visually attractive with a lot of shiny chrome and their menu is filled with pictures of each meal. When you walk in the door the smell of fresh cooked food hits you in the face. Bright words are illuminated in neon colors spelling out your food choices and advertising on food wrappings to the hungry eye as other people's orders...