Metamorphoses On Broadway.

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My decision to go see a Broadway show for this assignment was a wonderful experience. I didn't know what I was going to do when this assignment was announced, but when Metamorphoses was discussed in class I knew that was what I wanted to see. I immediately went online when I got home that day and got two tickets to go and see this production with one of my closest friends, and she was also highly enthused about it.

The play takes place in what I would say is a relatively small theatre that allows the audience to be very close to the stage. Seating for the play was set up on three sides of the stage. I was lucky enough to get seats in the third row, so I was right there, getting water splashed on me throughout the show.

The play is made up of a number of Ovid's myths that are all performed separately throughout the show.

All of these stories had something very close in common. They were all about gods or kings or very well off people that weren't happy. They had their family that was healthy, they had food, shelter and money; but they all became bored with this or they wanted more because of pure greed. Because of this, there was terrible things happening to the people that they loved, and until it was too late, they didn't realize the price that they would pay for their rapacity.

One king, who was obviously very wealthy, could not be happy unless he had more money and wealth. One day he was granted a wish by a god and wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. When his wish was granted, he loved that when he touched a tree it would transform...