Methamphetamine An Epidemic

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The Effects of Methamphetamine Crystal Methamphetamine or (Crystal Meth) has a devastating effect on America?s parents, their children and its welfare and judicial system. To be more specific methamphetamine is crippling America. Crystal Meth does not just affect the adult addict; it affects the children of the parents who are addicted to it. It effects the child welfare system, and its ability care for the flooding numbers of abused and neglected children whom are directly effected by this horrific substance. This particular substance has taken a toll on the lives of millions of innocent children. It has also caused an incredible burden on governmentally funded programs for substance abusers and their families. This essay will explore the epidemic of Crystal Meth, its users, their children, and the system that is crumbling as a result; it will also explore some of the many agencies that assist parents, and children in escaping from the bondage of substance abuse.

Information on these agencies will include the population they serve, what the qualifications are to work at the agencies and how these agencies are paid.

Why does Crystal Meth have this effect on America? Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant with cocaine like effects. It suppresses a person?s appetite, and masks their fatigue. It is stronger than cocaine; and its effects last for hours as apposed to minutes. With just a few dosages a user can go days without eating or sleeping. This drug will produce alertness, elevate moods, and self-confidence, reduce feelings of fatigue, depress the appetite, and enhance concentration powers. It will also induce a mild euphoria, and increase the desire and capacity to work (Carroll, 2002). With these remarkable effects, also come the disadvantages of Crystal Meth. Some of these drawbacks are life threatening such as: heart attacks, stroke, high blood...