Miles Davis

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Miles Davis

The music and the artistic innovation of Miles Davis made him one of the most popular jazz musicians in history. Miles Davis, the noted jazz trumpeter who gained fame back in the year 1955, when he performed at the first Newport Jazz Festival, is one of the most extraordinary Jazz influences of our time. His reputation as a composer, bandleader, and artist in the field of jazz are still evident today.

Among the many musical styles he performed, Miles Davis created a new breed of his own, the more well known ones being bebop and cool jazz. Kahn quotes Davis in his book Kind of Blue by saying, " there was something about the times then where it was so unhip to be accepted. " He was also partially responsible for the development of modal jazz, and jazz fusion, which arose from his work with other musicians in the late 1960s and early 1970s."

Although Miles often questioned his own abilities while on stage, Miles was quoted as saying "There are no wrong notes in jazz, and "What he obviously meant was that you could take one particular thing that might sound incorrect or jarring, and build something beautiful. "To me, it's all like a high-wire act." He said and moved his arms like a bird, just for a minute".

Davis was also influential in raising the state of jazz to a highly respected art form. His recordings, along with the live performances with his bands, were important in jazz's acceptance as music with lasting artistic value. On top of that, he also had a powerful influence in promoting the commercial value and popularly of jazz. This popularity and public acceptance is confirmed from the fact that Miles Davis was nominated for induction into the Rock and...