Military Transition: Civlian to Soldier

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In August of the year 2000 I decided to make a change that would affect my life forever; I joined the military. My decision to enlist in the military stemmed from more than family tradition, and the fact that I was twenty-one and going nowhere; I wanted to enlist because I am proud to be an American. I get a lump in my throat every time I hear the National Anthem, or the Star Spangled Banner, or Pledge Allegiance. My inner feelings inspired me to risk my life for our country, so I followed my passion. I knew the transition would be extremely difficult for me, but my destiny unfolded before me. I wanted to stop living pay check at a time; I wanted my family back; I wanted to end my addictions; I wanted to earn the respect of others and be respected at the same time. Because of my military experience and patrimony I can truly say that my current life has changed profoundly.

As I sat quietly on my friends couch, high on drugs and alcohol, I thought about the direction in which my life headed. I did not feel like I could talk to anyone about my thoughts, so I filled the voids in my soul with booze and other dangerous chemicals. I could not hold a job longer than a few months, because I lost interest very quick. A long night of partying made it difficult to wake up in the mornings for work, so I would always be late, and sometimes I would just quit my job to avoid an unwanted scolding. I had to learn how to live frugally to support my drug and alcohol addiction and party lifestyle, so growing accustom to living paycheck to paycheck became tradition for me. It...