"The miracle worker" - differences in the novel and the film.

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After reading the play, The Miracle Worker I thought a lot of things were different then from the way they showed it on the movie. The plot was all the same though; the only difference was that in the movie they skipped some scenes that weren't as important. I thought the setting was a lot different from how they described it in the play. From their descriptions I would have thought that they only have 1 servant, Viney. And Percy and that other girl were just children from other families that came to play. But when I saw the movie at the ladder scene you could see that they had a lot of servants. I also thought they were poorer than that and they were middle class people, that's probably also why I thought they only had one servant. But in the movie they had a giant house and the garden house, which I thought was just next door to their house, was a long distance away from it.

You can see that when James walks Annie back to the house.

Most of the characters where the same as in the play, I only thought James was younger, and the captain meaner in the book. One thing that I thought was exactly the same as what I imagined from after reading the book, was the scene when Annie is alone with Helen in the kitchen and she tries to teach her to use fork and spoon and how to fold a napkin. They acted it out exactly as it said on the play. There was also another scene; the one where Annie is teaching Percy on purpose to get Helen interested. I thought that was really smart and it was exactly the same as how I pictured it in...