Mistretta, Italy

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Speech 101

March 27, 2002

TOPIC: Mistretta, Italy

General Purpose: To inform my audience about Mistretta, Italy

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the houses and people's way of life today in Mistretta, Italy.

Central Idea: The town and its people's way of life has not changed very much since the 1800's

Opening Statement: I have traveled to many different interesting countries, during my sixteen-year stint in Europe. Some of the places I have seen are France, Spain, Greece, England, and Holland. But out of all the places I have been none compare to a small town located in Sicily, on top of a mountain approximately 9000 feet above sea level overlooking the crystal blue Adriatic ocean. It just so happens to be my wife's hometown too. All of her family still lives there, in what we would call the past. By this I mean the houses appear to be modern day, but in the 1800's and their way of life has not changed much either.

The name of the town is Mistretta, Italy.

The modern day life as we American's tend to envision has not reached this town. The houses were constructed in the 1800's, and look old on the outside they were really scary on my first visit. They are constructed of normal lime stone type rocks and mortar. The rocks are not cut in squares to resemble bricks, so the walls are not straight and perfect. You can tell that there was not a level used when these houses were constructed. They have very small doorways and windows.

But as soon as you take the first step in side the house it all changes you have been beamed to another location. On the inside they have marble floors and walls and are just so...