Modern Day Class System

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Class systems have been a way of labeling and controlling people in society almost since the beginning of civilization. Some cultures and periods in history have had very strict and complicated rules that governed where people lived, how they lived, how they dressed, what opportunities they had to make a living for themselves, and the ability to either ascend or descend on the social ladder. Paul Fussell wrote extensively about the class system of his day and his belief in intractability of that system. Fussell's system for putting people into classes is somewhat outdated. He labels social classes starting with "lower out of sight" and moving all the up to "upper out of sight." Fussell believed that once you are labeled into a social class, it is almost impossible to break free ascend up to the next class level. I believe that today people are breaking free from their class label and ascending and descending in status everyday.

With all of the available technology such as the Internet and computers, lower class people have an opportunity to strike it rich and move up in status. It is also just as easy for upper class people to invest online on a risky new website and lose everything at the click of a mouse button. Internet sites and Dot Com businesses have provided average people with instant wealth and fame. I believe that it is harder now than ever to put people into separate classes because of the variety of jobs and opportunities that the world has to offer. Nobody relies on the class system to tell us what kind of person that we are anymore. It is basically useless to try and place a class label on any given person because our social society is just to complicated nowadays. Class systems...