Mongolian Motivations

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There are three main theories for the reasons as to why the Mongols began their expedition to conquer the world. From 1180 to 1280 there was a major drop in the average temperature in Mongolia. This was a massive problem due to the fact that the Mongolian population consisted of nomads and farmers whose lives depended on their crops and animals. Because of this large climate drop, much less grass was being grown which meant that there wasn’t enough food to feed domestic animals. Nomads survived through winters with fat from animals, animal fur, animal meat, and dairy products. This might have forced the Mongolian nomads to move from Mongolia in order to survive. They might not have been welcome in other territories, and decided to force their way in. The second theory was because of trade disruptions. Northern China and Northwestern China was rumored to want to reduce their trade with Mongolia.

The Mongols depended on trade because goods like grain, craft and manufactured products were mandatory for their survival. During Genghis Khan’s reign, he led three conquests himself. He personally went to war with the Tanguts (Northwest China), also known as the Xia, in 1209 because of trade dispute. The Jin (North China), was attacked by Genghis Khan because the Mongols desperately needed their products; also trade dispute. Genghis Khan sent two ambassadors to the Khawarazid Empire to make a trade agreement, but the Shah, unaware of the strength of the barbaric Mongols, killed them both. Shortly after, enraged Genghis conquered the Shah’s empire. The third theory as to why the Mongols began their eccentric conquest was Genghis Khan’s personal issue. He was Shamanic, and was apparently given a personal mission by the sun god himself, Tenggeri. This mission was to have the world under...