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Amistad was a disturbing but informative movie about the realities of slavery and their horrifying journey to America. Slavery was a terrible thing and their treatment went beyond inhumane. The story illustrates dark and evil sides to the human soul. To me slavery was nothing but a mistake. Many reasons for slavery were a lack of intelligence. I think if you could turn back the hands of time many people would realize what a mistake they made and wish they never did it. It's sad to hear that slavery is still going on in many countries today. "Amistad" reminds us that the evil of slavery caused terrible suffering to real people and that its abolition was one of the greatest achievements of the nineteenth century. In a world where there are still pockets of slave commerce, it is a reminder of how serious this evil is.

Africans from the Mendes tribe were taken on the Tecora and brought over to Cuba.

The sick part about it was this journey and how they dehumanized these individuals. The Africans were literally put one on top of the other. They were fed hardly anything and were slaughtered as if the white slave owners thought they were useless. After they reached Cuba they were washed, shined and put on display for the highest bidder. Then they were sold to slave owners in Spain. The Africans were given Spanish names, so that the slave owners can say that they were of a Latino descent. Cinque and his people went through great struggle with the courts of America, but in the end they prevailed.

The Amistad incident is a remarkable part of American history. In addition to Cinque and Adams, I admired the abolitionists and those individuals whose hearts were truly touched to make a recognizable...