This is a movie review over the movie The Big Lebowski.

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The movie I have chosen is The Big Lebowski. I chose The Big Lebowski, because

it is the funniest movie I have ever seen. I have watched it several times and, therefore, I feel comfortable about giving a review about it.

The main characters in The Big Lebowski are the Dude (Jeffery Lebowski), an unemployed middle-aged man who is an avid bowler, Walter, an overweight friend of the Dude, who is also a bowler, who is very profane and boisterous, and Donny, another bowler and Dude-friend who is soft spoken yet at times can be very annoying.

The Big Lebowski is set in Los Angeles in the early '90s. Among the various places the movie takes place are: the Dudes apartment, the bowling alley, the Lebowski Mansion (no, not the Dude, another, much richer Jeffery Lebowski), Maude's (the other Lebowski's daughter) studio, the Dude's car, and Jackie Treehorn's (a known pornographer) beachfront property.

In The Big Lebowski the Dude's rug is urinated upon by two of Jackie Treehorn's goons, who were actually searching for the other Jeffery Lebowski, because the other Jeffery Lebowski's wife Bunny, who was a porn star, owed Jackie Treehorn a large sum of money. After conferencing with his two good friends Walter and Donny, the Dude decides to seek out the other Jeffery Lebowski in order to obtain compensation for the rug that was urinated upon. After a confrontation with Mr. Lebowski the Dude scams Mr. Lebowski out of a rug, meets Bunny Lebowski, bowls, and then comes home to find a message on the answering machine instructing him to return to the Lebowski Mansion. Upon his arrival the Dude finds Bunny has been kid knapped and the Dude is asked to act as currier between Mr. Lebowski and the hostage takers, a group...