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Zach Braff fully captured the concept of love in his movie "Garden State". Already an accomplished actor, this film was also Braff's writing and directorial debut. The movie is the story of finding the person that brings out an emotional side of yourself that even you had no idea you had.

"Garden State" is the story of Andrew Largeman, a struggling actor, living in Los Angeles, who returns to his home state of New Jersey to join his father (whom he has not spoken to in nine years) for his mother's funeral. On this trip Andrew, or "Large" as he is often referred to, stops taking the heavy dosage of anti-depressants that which been prescribed as a youth by his psychiatrist/father Gideon. Since he was a young boy these medications had disallowed any true emotion to occur in his life. During his stay he meets Sam in the waiting room of a doctor's office.

She initially recognized Large from a role he played on T.V. Sam is a free spirited, compulsive liar played by Natalie Portman. Over the next couple of days Large and Sam become inseparable. He for the first time in his life is experiencing sensation. Together, they spend this time catching up with his old friends, who all remained the same typical "Jersey Kids" he had known and loved as a kid, only in an older form. Towards the end of his stay he has a conversation with Sam about why it is essential for him to return to L.A. He tries to reason with his distraught girlfriend by saying his leaving in no way means the relationship is over, only that he has to tend to his career. Sam argues that what they have developed is not something that happens to everyone...