How moving is tough on a person's life

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Moving frequently is tough

Moving frequently isn't an easy task. There are many disadvantages in

moving frequently, like the time and effort you must put into packing, getting

settled in the community and leaving behind the friends you might have.

You need to put a lot of time and effort into moving. There is not too

many who like packing for a vacation, let alone packing everything you own to a

new town. You have to go out and collect boxes beyond boxes to put all your

belongings in. I recall last summer when my family and I moved to a different

part of the city. My family made me in charge of collecting boxes from different

stores. I went from furniture stores to grocery stores looking for boxes. I could

not stand it. I would always get embarrassed walking up and asking "can I have

your boxes?".

The whole process can be very stressful. For example, I could

never get enough boxes for all our belongings. I would always have to keep

driving back and forth. Collecting boxes is the easy part, the actual packing

takes days to accomplish. If you thought packing was a pain, unpacking is just

as bad.

It's always tough getting used to the new area that you have moved into.

You have a new neighborhood with different neighbors. You do not know if your

new neighbors are going to be friendly or not. You do not know if you'll fit in.

You lose the comfort of your surroundings and the peace of mind that goes with

your community. It would be much better if you could stay in the community you

are more comfortable in rather then risking what the next one will be like.

Moving out of state means leaving your...