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There have been many great leaders in the world. When you think of the word leader you will probably think about people like Martin Luther King Jr., Terry Fox, or Mahatma Gandhi. These are the obvious ones but there is one man who has impacted the world positively more than any of the names stated above. That man is Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is undoubtedly the greatest leader that ever lived. The majority of people may be thinking that he was a professional boxer, how does that make him a great leader? Muhammad Ali possessed many qualities that enhanced his leadership skills. Muhammad Ali had excellent communication skills. You can have the greatest idea or vision in the world but if you cannot communicate your message to other people you will get no where, so it is vital to have good communication skills, and Ali?s were second to none.

Secondly Muhammad Ali had an immense amount of confidence. Ali truly believed the he himself could change the world and make it a better place that had no segregation or racism. Lastly, Ali was a very self-motivated and determined individual. Muhammad Ali should be considered the best leaders of all time for the three reasons stated above and many more that will be stated in this essay.

Muhammad Ali is the greatest public speaker. Ali was a very outspoken athlete. When he use to box it was formal to let your manager talk for you, but Ali wasn?t up for that. He use to do his own interviews. People gave him the name ?The Louisville Lip.? Ali was a member of the Nation of Islam and he use to preach in twenty- five different mosques around America as well as in churches in New York, Dallas, and in his...