Music and Culture

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If music reflects the kind of people we are, what does today's music say about America? Explain.Something heard everyday by everyone in the United States. Whether willing or second hand, it's there. Freedom of speech mixed with rhythm and beats. The feeling of love mixed with the guitar and the head banging from the sound of the drums, and the electric guitar. There Is no doubt that music, being that we are Americans is who we are.

Today's' music is a small look into many group's ways of life. Hip-hop and rap. To many, it is a slap to the face of society. To them it is only racism, sexism, and hate put to a beat. But hip-hop has a purpose. Even though the artist hasn't done or seen what they are talking about since they were signed to the record label, they portray a very harsh, difficult life that many struggle to get out of.

Hip-Hop is the music of entrepreneurs; those trying to get somewhere, but stuck where they are.

The strumming of an acoustic guitar along to an artist's vocals, although mainly made to get the attention and respect of everyone, makes us seem love struck and heart broken. The emotions of a poet being passed over, on a piece of paper to some one to add the melody of the guitar to it and sell if for profit. This is pop music. Music intended for all ears, but far from reality and everyone's life. It's happy music trying to give hope an happiness to those who already have it.

The synchronism of a variety of instruments along with a variety of tones from screaming to calm harmonies is what makes rock. Unlike other music rock music can bring many moods, and is from a variety...