Music History and Influences on Society

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Music history has many different styles and forms. In the 14th century the Renaissance period came along, in the 1500s Early Baroque and in the 1700s the Classical Era, in the late 1700s the Romantic Era, in the late 1800s jazz came and in the 1900s Big band and Rock ‘n Roll. Music goes back a long time I will try to talk about the different types of music and what I think society today thinks about the music today.

The Classical Era started in 1750 through 1825. The term “Classical”, refers to the reason found in the ancient Athenians. This term is based on mainly with problems of form, logic, balance and restrained expression. Some of the composers of Classical music were Franz Joseph Hayden, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig Beethoven. They composed pieces for symphonies and string quartets. Then the Romantic Period came along. Some composers of the Romantic period were Carl Maria von Weber, Giuseppe Verdi, and Ric Wagner.

Most of the composers, composed operas. Opera was a special way of showing their romance for their loved ones. In the second half of the nineteenth-century created richer and ever larger symphonies and concertos. The composers of this period were Johannes Brahms, and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovksy.

The next part of history in music is the Jazz period. There were many different types and forms of Jazz music. There was The Blues and Bebop are a few types. The Blues came first in the Jazz Era. The Blues was an important on the development of jazz. The Blues told the stories and emotions of many African Americans. The Blues are a state of mind and a way of life for some people. The Blues usually uses instruments like guitars, a piano and a harmonica. They also use instruments like...