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My name is xxx xxxxx and I was born in Philadelphia Pa, on May 04, 1988. I was the only child of August and Marie jacoob. I lived in Philadelphia till I was 8 years old, then I moved down south. Shortly after moving to the south, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. After a 3 year battle, she beat the disease and decided to go back to work. So I spent most of my childhood with my aunt. When I was 5 I started kindergarten at Bambino Jesus Elementary in Philadelphia. I went there all the way through till 4th grade. I then went to middle school. That’s where I found my love for football. I didn’t play in the little leagues, and in middle school I was more into girls then sports. I started high school in the south then moved back to Philadelphia and went to Olney High.

I attended 11-12th grade there. That’s where I wrestled played football and baseball. I played defensive end, linebacker and defensive back during my prep career at Olney High School in philla, Pa. I was the most under rated defensive player prospect in are division region. After recording two forced fumbles and 36 tackles as a senior.