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My father Dr. Afzal Hossain is a man with rare collection of good human qualities. It is mostly common that, everybody loves his father and thinks of him as his role model. In my case my father is not only my role model, but he is also my good friend and my best teacher of my life. Actually speaking of truth he is my best friend. He is an engineer and busy person in his job life. Still he manages enough time to talk with me. He always talks with me in a friendly voice and asks me about my life. He never tries to manipulate me to do any type of works or take any decisions about my life. He always believes in human rights. He never treats me like I am under his control. He gives me all the rights to take me any decision about my life by myself.

But he always tells me about both good and bad effects of my decisions and advices me to choose the right thing to do in my life. He has the wonderful ability to make everyone cheer up by his great sense of humor. Whenever I am sad, he consoles me in such a way that I able to feel well and happy. When I look at him, I always know that he always going to support me in my trouble or problems and stand besides me. I love his company as my friend and as my father. I really feel proud for my father.