My Goals Achieved as a Computer Technology Expert

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I am very thankful that I have achieved a portion of my goals before I was thirty years old. It was the school year of 2003-2005; I was enrolled and studying to be a computer technician at Heald College. I learned how to troubleshoot personal computers; program websites; and read visual basic programs. As I graduated for the first time at Heald College as a Computer Technician on April 2004, I was persuaded to continue my education by my classmates. My friend wanted to go to web design but I decided to go to computer networking for another nine months. I was eager to learn how computers talked to one another by a cable. My class thought me how a network is set-up, for example a bus, star, or a tree topology. A bus topology is a network of nodes (i.e. file servers, personal computers, and printers) connected together through a cable with a terminator on each end.

It is typically used for a small number of computers as it has a low overhead but maintaining the network will be difficult. For example, the whole network will go down if a break in the cable occurs. A star topology is a network of nodes connected together through a hub. The hub manages and controls the flow of the network. Installation and troubleshooting is practically easy. It is not used by companies because it cost too much overhead for their business and the whole network will fail if the hub fails. A tree topology combines the characteristics of a bus and star topology. All workstations are connected through a star topology which is connected through a bus backbone. It is mainly used by business because it is supported by several hardware and software vendors. The difficulty of maintaining this network is...