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The day that would change my life began like any run of the mill average first day of school. But this wasn’t just any normal first day of school, no, it was my first day of high school. “Beep, Beep, Beep” there it was that maddening sound of my alarm. It seemed like only yesterday summer was just beginning. As I reached sluggishly over to shut off the alarm, I slowly fashioned a mental list of things to do for that morning. After the fourth or fifth time checking over my list I headed out the door. When the morning was over along with my first 3 classes, I was time to go to Ag Mechanics; little did I know this would be the move that pushed me into the FFA.

        Even as I looked back on that fateful day, I was still left doubting my sanity. Here I am, hands in my pockets struggling to bring forth some sort of warmth to relieve the tingly sensation that became dormant in them an hour ago.

Regardless of the lack of warmth in my hands. Or the fact that the car that just drove by splashing water onto my jeans didn’t help my effort to keep. I still needed to be at the school to help with the yard sale. After all I owed it to the FFA, I was the one that put my name on the sign up sheet, and passed out fliers. I also told our advisor that I would be there at 5am sharp to help set up. So here I am freezing legs, hands, ears, nose, lips, and feet, had to keep my word.

        In spite of the fact that it was a long day of people trying to swindle a couple of extra bucks off...