My Saving Grace

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You may have heard young and old people alike speak of searching for meaning in their lives. For many, life’s meaning may be too complicated to be explained in a few short phrases. Conversely, not for me anymore owing to the first ever instructional outreach program that I have been to – the Theater Arts Seminar Workshop. We conducted, to spend time teaching the children from different walks of life, basic theater acting workshop and information for them to learn, imbibe and emblem in them how the actors have been doing for a lifetime.

However, one thing I have learned in this program was no man could claim he has no need for his fellow human beings. We all need one another. We thrive on one another’s love and devotion. By each other’s labor we are sustained.

Therefore, we should treasure everything that comes our way.

In this seminar – workshop, I learned to appreciate and value simple things in life. Now I know that, true happiness does not comes from luxuries and riches, but from simple little things in our lives.

As a matter of fact, spending one whole day with the children makes my heart leap for joy. The feeling that I just can’t let go until now. Thus, somehow I finally found the meaning of my life’s existence. Indeed, true happiness lies within me and I thank God for that wonderful opportunity which lasts for a lifetime.

Hence, I believe involvement in various cooperative endeavors help me develop into a well rounded individual willing to face the problems that may come my way, and ready to take part in greater, more challenging tasks in the future.

“When Through One Man A Little More Love And Goodness, A Little More Light And Truth, Comes Into The World, Then...