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This school does block scheduling of 4 classes for 2 semesters and still have 8 classes for the year. These classes are one hour and a half long. There are about 30 students in the classroom. The students do not come to class prepared for their lessons at all. They do not carry books with them either. The class talks and does not listen to the announcements at all. A couple of students were late and not reprimanded. This teacher tries to get their attention by doing activities and they still don’t care.

They have Smart Boards in their rooms and that is very helpful. Her attendance shows 34 students on the role. That is way too many students for one teacher to teach. The board also shows their grade in front of all the students and I personally do not like this at all. You can tell that the teacher gets frustrated.

They sharpen their pencils and are very disruptive in class, while she gives instructions.

They do detention and have to write their names on the board. You can tell some do want to learn and others don’t even have a clue. They need to show work for their problems and participate in class activities.

Some examples: this is ranging 2+3>6 no 3+4>5 yes 3+3>6 no 4+5>8 yes 5+7>8 yes 5+6>9 no