My Story of an African American Family

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This story Is about a black family that lives in a piece of shit house and the dad has a drinkin problem and he gambles away all there money. The grandma gets pissed that her son lost all the money and gives him a lot of money and tells him if he loses all of that that she is gonna wup his ass. So he takes the money I don’t know like 6000 dollars and goes and gives it to a guy named nestorito and trys to make more money somehow I don’t know what he was thinking there. His crazy ass wife decides that since she has all that money now that she wants to go out and buy a nice ass house with all the white people and hes like o hell no I don’t think that’s a great idea but then he does anyways or else he wouldn’t get any.

So they go buy a house in a nice white neighborhood and all the white people are like what the hell are you people doin here but the black family don’t care. So before they move in a guy representing the neighborhood comes to there house and tells them basically that they don’t want no black folks in there neighborhood and trys to buy the house from them for more then they payed for it. But the black guy got pissed and was like what the hell get outa my house cracker.

        The old grandma was so proud of her son for standin up to the white man that she did something special for him don’t really know what but she did it and he liked it. Then the black man got some bad news. Nesterito lost all his damn money and then the black man went to the local bar and got real trashed and came home and started cryin cuz nesterito lost all his money. Then he decided to go ahead and call up the white guy and have him buy his house for double what he was gonna pa for it. Then the grandma found out what the guy was doin and she got even more pissed then before when he gambled all his money away and then she fed him this huge guilt trip about his dad and slavery and a bunch of shit like that and then he got real confused. So when the white guy came to his house the black man decided to go ahead and throw a chair at him and be like yeah we’re black and we’re damn proud of it cracker and we’re gonna go ahead and buy our house and u cant do shit bout it. And that’s exactly what they did and they moved in to there nice house with a big yard and nice white heighbors and they lived happily ever after as the black people that lived in a white neighborhood and didn’t get shot or hung or anything. Never did figure out how they got the money to buy the house or who the hell this nesterito guy is but this is a fake story so it doesn’t really matter now does it.

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