Narrative Essay - My American Soldier

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Upon finishing my first cup of coffee, my son pulls in the driveway and enters the house with the words, "MOM I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING." With heart wrenching thoughts, I sat back in my chair to prepare myself. Never once thinking of the rumors, which had orders coming to activate and deploy the 39TH Infantry Brigade, of the Arkansas National guard, for a 2ND tour of duty in Iraq. I guess I had just blocked this out especially since; My American Soldier's enlisted time would be up October 1, 2008. As he took a deep breath, I could not believe my ears. He said, "We've received Title 10 orders (Federal Activation & Deployment) as of October 1, 2008, and before you say anything I've re-enlisted for another 6-year term." Upon these words, I totally fell apart and I mean literally. The tears flowed with no end in site, being able to breathe was questionable, with intake right before passing out.

Screaming I exclaimed, "I CAN'T GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN!" I was out in left field, thinking before speaking was no in question. Looking back now, realizing complete selfishness, one should feel ashamed. Why should I be ashamed? He has already done his duty. Deciding to take control and put an end to the nervous breakdown at hand, Bo says, "GET A GRIP. Been there and done that. Besides, I cannot ask my boys to do something I would not do myself. I could never let these boys deploy without me, I have been there, and they trust me. You are the strongest woman I know, always taking control and coming out on top, finding away no matter what obstacle arises. The definition of a soldier's mom is mine." All of a sudden the words, GET A GRIP hit...