Natures discovery, a description of my memories of camping in cooper sessing, northern wisconsin.

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Nature's Discovery

This world is filled with people, places, and things. Each one of these

holds treasured memories that we will cherish forever. I can remember one

such place, a cabin in Cooper Sessing, Northern Wisconsin. It brings fond

memories that I can pass on to you.

The cabin in question is rather large dwelling that is situated far back

into the wood. The only way to get there is on a well traveled, worn out,

gravel road granting access. The large pines surrounding it on both sides

have become impenetrable walls of woods. There is only the occasional green

needle puncturing the white pristine snow covering the countryside. The pure

whiteness of the cabin's surroundings was much like a huge fluffy beast

slowly swallowing and digesting the environment, until summer sunshine comes

to melt the beast away into nothingness. The cabin itself is situated on a

hill as a soldier would be digging in and preparing for war.

Small windows

dotted the wooden exterior and provided relief from the redundant brown dark

woodiness of that large cabin. The cabin featured two stories and the bottom

was half buried into the hill; but had two large windows looking out at the

small frozen creek in the backyard. I sat inside by the warm burning fire

with hot chocolate in hand and just looked far out those windows with not a

care in the world. On the top level was a porch, not just an ordinary porch,

but a cantilevered porch that grew out from the cabin, as an extra limb

would protrude from a tree, making the cabin even more a part of the woods.

The porch was never very stable, but it was a relief from the confinement of

the cabin.

The forest that surrounded the cabin was an...