Was the nazi regeme beneficial to German women?

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In many ways the Nazi policies imposed on women were to their benefit but in some ways they weren't. It heavily depended on the attitude of the women however, whether they were happy to stay in the home or whether they were career pursuing and against the general belief of women's place in that period.

Firstly it is important to look at what the Nazis intended to achieve by introducing these policies for women. Clearly the Nazis strongly believed in the traditional role of women and intended on imposing these beliefs onto every German women by limiting there career opportunities and introducing propaganda which promoted and glorifies the idea of having children and keeping to there traditional roles.

Now to look at how the policies were of a benefit to German women. The Nazis heavy focus on child bearing and helping in the home led to the bringing about of special training to help women become "master housewives" and earn a diploma to show this.

This gave women a lot more purpose and glorified the idea of child bearing and being a housewife.

It had been argued that the majority of German women were happy with the position the Nazis imposed on them and only a few women were actually forced out of jobs, showing that women generally accepted the policies.

There was also a lot of financial help offered to women, which can only be considered as beneficial. These included higher marriage loans and birth grants. Generally making it easier for women to have children and bring up a healthy family. Following on from this high birth and marriage rates showed that women were confident about the future and happy to have a family under the Nazi regime.

Women's organisations like the NSF and the DWF were set up...