The Need For Capital Punishment

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The Need for Capital Punishment Dear Mr. Koch,As the editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, my responsibility is to select articles that I feel are fair and balanced. The concise yet logical way in which your essay is organized will be very appealing to the target audience, which is comprised of many different groups of people. Your stance on the divisive issue of capital punishment is apparent in your essay. You connect very well to the emotional and logical senses of readers. The strong use of organization, logos, and pathos in your essay outweighs some its logical fallacies.

The method in which you organized your essays allows the reader to easily comprehend your views on capital punishment. Enumerating each of the arguments given by detractors of the death penalty and explaining why these perspectives are false shows a sound sense of logical argumentation. Presenting each argument in bold print allows the audience to quickly recognize the issue concerned in that paragraph.

For example under the heading, “The death penalty is 'barbaric'”, you give a clear explanation as to why the death penalty should no longer be considered barbaric. In addition, most of your arguments for the death penalty are supported compelling statistics. The audience will easily understand the reasoning behind your essay because of your organizational skills.

Examples are a vital component in appealing to a reader's sense of logic, logos. Cogent reasoning supported by valid examples will enable the audience to recognize the logic behind the argument. You show a good example of logical reasoning in this quote: “In America the murder rate climbed 122 percent between 1963 and 1980” (Koch 57). The audience will be astounded to find that such an immense climb in the murder rate has occurred in a relatively short period of time. Another logical...