Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center

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Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center (NDALC) is Nevada’s federally mandated protection and advocacy system for the human, legal and service rights for individuals with disabilities.

NDALC was designated as Nevada’s protection and advocacy system by the governor in March, 1995. NDALC is funded by Federal grants and charitable, tax deductible contributions of private citizens.

NDALC Mission is: - To protect and advocate for the human legal rights, interests, and welfare of Nevadans with disabilities.

-         Promote, support and assist Nevadans with disabilities in understanding and controlling those systems and processes which directly affect their lives.

-         Foster the development, availability, and accessibility of services which increase the opportunities available to Nevadans with disabilities to live their lives as fully, independently and productively as possible.

NDALC is responsible for implementing the following programs in Nevada: PADD – Protectioi0n and Advocacy for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Services for individuals who have a developmental disability which is defined as a disability (1)         manifested before the age of 22 (2)         chronic in nature (3)         resulting in substantial functional limitations in three or more major life activities.

PAIMI – Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness.

Services for individuals who have significant mental illness or emotional impairment and are in a facility which provides care or treatment. NDALC may address rights issues and problems which arise during an individual stay in such a facility or within 90 days of discharge from a facility.

PAIR – Protection and Advocacy for Individual Rights Services for all other individuals with physical and/or mental disablitities who are not eleigible for services under the PADD and PAIMI programs, or the Client Assistance Program (CAP).

PAAT – Protection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology Services for individuals with disabilities who need assistance obtaining assistive technology devices and services.

PABSS – Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social...