New Year's Eve

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This morning I woke up late as usual, I don’t have much to do since Free the Children organization that Winger dragged me into is off today due to some renovation at their headquarters. Sometimes Winger gets on my nerves with her whole idea of saving the world; she really needs to do something for herself once in a while. Volunteering is a good and noble case, especially when it is for defenseless children, but it should come after she has done something for herself that keeps her from dieing because of hunger. Maybe the party at Aimee’s house today will persuade her in to letting herself indulge in some person luxury. Hopefully putting away her theories on salvation through sacrifice, maybe she will indulge in the conversation and gain some business contacts and then maybe one day she might look back on it and thank me for starting her off on a life of comfort.

“Xan! Hurry up and go take a shower,” Winger decreed, which woke me up from my walking slumber.

The sun was setting, a reminder that the part was only a few short hours away. I hopped in the shower and luxuriated under the warm water. After I finished my shower, I went to my closet; I picked out a tan pants, and a red shirt to complete the casual look.

This party is going to rock I thought to myself. Look at all these people, they are full of energy and so excited to be here. I sit down on a stool and look around, Winger is nowhere to be found, she is the last person on this earth that you would expect to be late, even if this type of social scene is not her thing.

“Hey Winger, there you are! I was...