New York City (NYC) - The City that Never Sleeps

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New York City (NYC) is the city that never sleeps. During Christmas people walk around bundled up with scarves and mittens. If you walk down to Rockefeller Center, you can see trees decorated from top to bottom with blinking light and people attempting to ice skate. Further away people are roaming the night in their fancy clubbing clothes going from one club to another. Later in the night, you can see drunken homeless people swearing and rambling on to people passing about nothing of importance. At 5 am, you can hear the roaring of the garbage truck throwing piles of trash onto the truck beds.

As you walk down the street, you can hear people talking on their cell phones or to others people about their families or their jobs. You do not just hear conversations in English, there are many people talking and yelling in their native languages.

On every street, you see homeless people with there McDonalds cup begging for spare change and sometimes you hear the rattling of their cups before you even see them.

        In the spring as you approach Times Square, you can see green aliens walking around trying to get you to come to their restaurant, Mars 2112. After you taste that yummy American food, you have go back outside where all you smell is the exhaust from automobiles on the street.

As you get walk around you can see venders selling t-shirts for very cheap. The shirts all say I love New York. The vendors are very sneaky; they spot you and they lore you over to their cart. The vendors are always nice and respectful but not all vendors have the same merchandise you have to check the other eager vendor out before you make a decision.

As you pass a row of restaurants, you get wiped with heavenly smells. All of the restaurants blend together to smell like a bakery of treats. All the restaurants have a different flavor. You have Chinese food Italian food, American bistro, and even Moroccan food. You have many choices when you come to NYC.

        When you drive in NYC, you get stuck in traffic jams. You hear are people yelling and cursing out of their driver side windows and horns honking like there is no tomorrow. People in NYC are very impatient, they want to get everywhere in a hurry.

        My favorite part of NYC is people watching. There are so many different people. You see art students, college students, business people, tourists, and fouriners. People come in all shapes and sizes too. You see fat people, skinny people, tall people, short people, dark skinned, and light skinned people. No wonder NYC is called the “melting pot.” When you go to NYC what do you expect to see the Statue of liberty? The Empire State Building? Well when I go to NYC I don not expect anything ordinary. You never know what you will see when you go there. People jogging or cars honking or even people yelling at others on their cell phones.

NYC is my favorite City to visit. You can come to have dinner or to see a play or even just to sightsee. There is so much to see and take in. You will never get board looking at all the interesting things going on around you. You will never have the same experience twice.