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Background Nissan, a major Japanese automobile manufacturer, nearly went belly up as recently as a few years ago. Obviously this did not occur since the auto giant exists at present with a stunning new lineup of vehicles in the market today. One of the main key contributing factors that helped Nissan get out of it?s ?rut? and back into a better global spotlight was the addition of Carlos Ghosn as it?s current CEO. Ghosn is in charge of the global automotive giant with over 140,000 employees that help Nissan generate $80 billion in revenue each year (Bremner, 2004). Ghosn could easily be viewed as an efficiency expert or a ?cost cutter,? however his changes at Nissan are far more in depth than that. His focus on a quality product using a continuous improvement process has helped Nissan become a hot brand again. Putting the company back on track with the correct market segments has also helped, in spite of the loss of it?s popular under $15,000 sub-compact (Bremner, 2004).

So why is it that Carlos Ghosn received hate mail from his start at Nissan and even had to travel with a bodyguard? His style of operations management may have had something to do with it.

The Chopping Block Carlos Ghosn has a history of success from other organizations, such as Renault and Michelin, where his sharp skills in operations management have yielded changes that have turned companies around in the face of extinction. Why is this possible? It?s clear that Ghosn firmly believes in and adheres to some of the most basic principles of operations management. His sharp style in management comes from his understanding that product management and quality management are integral functions in successfully selling and marketing products (cars/trucks) from Nissan and Renault. The mere fact...