Not All Television Affects Children

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Kaufman states in his last sentence, ?So for your children?.Turn Off Your TV.?(706) Obviously, the issue here is to not let your children watch the television because of certain programs that affiliate with violence. Kaufman feels that because TV programs have violence the child should not be able to watch the TV. Myself I do not agree. I claim that TV is a life lesson in some ways it teaches right and in some ways it teaches badly. Another point is most children up until the age six do not even understand violence, which is why most children watch cartoons because they are attracted to the colors and images. What child do you know sits down and watches CSI? Exactly not too many, which supports my claim that TV has little or no affect on what children think when watching the television.

In the essay ?Filling Their Minds with Death: TV Violence and Children? Kaufman says that ?television is a major issue to children it affects the child all the way up to adulthood,? (700) which to an extent I do agree with.

Also he states that because of watching violent TV it makes a child do what they see on the television. He makes major claims that violence drives the storyline which in most cases is true, but also violence drives the everyday life of the government. Look at the affects it has on the world today. No matter where you go violence is going to be at hand. A major claim he states is that violence has no consequences when in reality an individual knows that violence no matter what will always have its consequences. He feels that in the United States to many hours of TV are watched by to many children which can be true and...