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1. Provide two positive statements about your nutrition, based on the information from the Healthy Eating Index analysis. 2 points

> My overall health will benefit by eating many different kinds of foods each day. I can keep it up by selecting foods from all the five major food groups in the Food Guide Pyramid.

> My milk group score is excellent. The health of bones depends on getting the proper amount of calcium.

2. From the nutritional analysis, how many calories did you consume each day and what was your three day average? To find the average add the calories from each day and divide by 3. 2 points

Day One- 4205 Day Two- 3385 Day Three- 2832 Average- 3474

3. From the nutritional analysis, state the percent of your total calories that came from carbohydrate, saturated fat, total fat, and protein for each day.

Day One- Day Two- Day Three-

Carbohydrates- 44.1%

Carbohydrates- 47.9% Carbohydrates- 50.2%

Saturated fat- 12% Saturated fat- 8% Saturated fat- 13.3%

Total fat- 42.4% Total fat- 39.6% Total fat- 32.5%

Protein- 15.2% Protein- 15.6% Protein- 17.7%

4. Based on the percentages from question 3, are you within 3% of the recommended percentages for a well-balanced diet as stated on page 150 of your text? 3 points

Carbohydrates- My average carbohydrate for the three days was 47.4% which puts me .4% away.

Total Fat- My average total fat for the three days was 38.2% which puts me 8.2% away.

Protein- My average protein for the three days was 16.2% which puts me 4.2% away.

5. How many milligrams of iron, calcium, and sodium did you consume each day? 3 points

Day One- Day Two- Day Three-

Iron- 34.5 Iron- 23.1 Iron- 19.5

Calcium- 2583.8 Calcium- 1749.3 Calcium- 1724.3

Sodium- 8004...