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Samuel Klein of the Daily News, in his article, Medical Approaches to Weight Reduction, explains obesity has become an American epidemic. Samuel Klein expounds that there are many solutions of how a person should lose weight. He explains further," First you have to learn about the patients physical, psychological, and emotional situations." "There are numerous approaches for weight reduction", the doctor clarifies.

These approaches are dieting behavior modification, exercise, and drug therapy. The diet program has to match the person's body weight well being and calorie deficit desire. In general the diet should provide at least 0.8k/g ideal body weight per day. The diet plan has to provide minimum fat of at least 5g to 10g in at least one meal every day so there will be no gostronological diseases. Such as gall bladder formation.

The second approach is behavior therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to help patients change their eating habit and increase their physical activity.

Part of this therapy is to record daily food consumption and to identify what causes the excessive food intake. This program last for about 20 weeks. Usually the outcomes cause a patient to lose about 1pound per week. The longer the therapy the better the results will be.

The third approach is exercise. It is an important factor for losing weight. Exercises change fat into muscle tissue. It also provides great psychological benefits. However, physical activity alone will not help you lose weight unless you combine with good nutrition. There are alternative methods for weight reduction such as drug therapy and surgery.

In his studies with ten overweight students at Washington University School of Medicine he used the above approaches. In his results he pointed out that seven of the ten tested students lost a reasonable amount of weight after...