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Part I: Paper: Encouraging Social Skills in Young Children: Tips Teachers Can Share with Parents.

Subjects: Two children were observed and compared. One child is a boy who is 4 years old; the other child is a girl and is 3 years old.

Setting: The observation took place in my house in the living room. There are many toys lying around for the children to play with. The only people that are in the room are I, the two children, and their mother. I asked the mother to stay in the room so the children aren?t too uncomfortable.

Methodology: There were a couple of activities that were used to demonstrate how the children interacted with each other and others that are around them. I give Muhammad an action figure and tell him that we are going to play ghost inside the toy house. We both start to play ghost and Aliah walks over to both of us and asks ?Can I play house please please?? I look at Muhammad and as him, ?Muhammad, what do you think, do u think we should let your sister play?? He looks at me and says ?she can play but only if we play ghost,? I ask Aliah, ?Do u want to play ghost with house?? Aliah smiles and nods her yes and says yes.

Muhammad actually walks up to her and gives her a kiss and says to her ?play with us, ok?? Aliah looks at him and starts to play with us. I am very interested to know what would have happened if these children were not siblings of each other. It is interesting to note that interaction between siblings and non- siblings are probably very different from each other. I believe that Muhammad doesn?t hesitate too much to ask his...