The Observational Study of a Child, in Correlation with the Developmental Theory

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The Observational Study of a Child, in Correlation with the Developmental TheoryChild and Adolescent Developmental EducationIf someone studies the different theories of development, that person will come across many different view points. Some are disregarded with not enough evidence to prove such disciplines, whereas other theories, such as Erik Erikson's stages of development have been look at as great strides in developmental behavioral science. Erikson viewed the psychoanalytic theory, and the psychosocial stages a person travels through as they develop.

I will be observing a child between the ages of three and seventeen. As I study my subject, I hope to be able to see how the stages of development are incorporated into the child's daily life. I will cross these references with Erik Erikson to see whether or not one theory produces higher correlations than the other, or if there is enough evidence for acceptable conclusions. I plan on conducting my observations in the classroom, home, and social, environment.

As I observe the subject, I will be addressing parenting and maybe some identity developments. Each part will be my own personal opinion based on my observations, and theories proven by my chosen behaviorist.

I have chosen a subject that I am familiar with, someone that I can speak a little more in-depth about. I do believe that this project would leave many unanswered challenges due to the amount of time and my current level of psychology if the subject had been picked by random. My subject is a seven year old female in the first grade, attending a small growing rural community. She is being raised in a single mother home, and has a sister two years older. The mother is divorced and currently unmarried, but there is an adult male figure involved. The biological father has been gone...