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An extensive analysis on how oppression takes place in Latin American culture as a whole through various novels, accounts and films.Throughout Latin America there are many differences that set each culture apart from each other however there are certain things that they share that link them together. One of the most important in Latin American culture is oppression, almost always marked by the government or military directly affecting those who are of a lesser class and cannot defend themselves. Throughout the course we've seen many instances where oppression plays a main part in literature because it reflects the struggle that people endure. Specifically for this paper, The House of Spririts, The Official Story and a few of Pablo Neruda's poems will be used to analyze and interpret oppression in Latin American culture.

In The Official Story there is a clear sense that oppression is prevalent within the film's plot.

The first mention or insight into it occurs when Alicia's friend, Anna, reveals the reason for her disappearance of seven years is due to her being abducted and tortured by the government during the "dirty war". When she explains the conditions that she went through and the things that she experienced while being abducted, we can clearly see that this is indeed a case of social oppression of the government. She describes how one man that came to her house the night she was taken away spoke to her and said he was going to save her for himself and rape her and she begins to cry uncontrollably at the thought of this. I believe that it is not only a case of rape in the literal sense, but also in the figurative sense. Since the man raping her was sent or ordered by the government, perhaps we can...