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"Youth are valued, youth feel valued. Youth are engaged." This is how Anne Hipsken, a member of the Youth Development Initiative, began her informative speech on Monday the 26th of March. The reason of this special occasion was to kick off this year's annual Youth Development Week. Held at the San Mateo Public Library, the location and ambience of the room allowed teens to feel comfortable in a safe and public environment. This location offered a neutral area where adults would also feel comfortable in their surroundings. Next to a coffee shop and in the center of the café, this meeting also provided a fun and welcoming environment. Anne was introduced by a high school student of the San Mateo community and began her speech with a strong opening impact. Her quote kicked off the ceremony by letting us know the true purpose of this meeting: That the youth are the key and that they should be valued in order to be engaged.

This thirty minute presentation held a strong impact towards both teens and adults, informing us on the many issues in our community, and offering a simple solution. Her choice of words allowed both the teens and the adults the ability to relate to the topic.

She established great credibility by informing the audience of all the help she has provided in the Youth Development Initiative. Spreading the word and rounding up many of the community to back this group up, she also played a big role in setting up certain events. Events such as talent shows, concerts, movie night and many more, she and her group members provided an escape for teens. Many open-ended questions were asked to the audience to start the thinking process. As she spoke, you could tell that the audience...