Organizational Behavior Trends

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There are many trends in Organizational behavior today. Two of these trends are the influence of ethics on decision-making and the impact of technology on work-related stress. These two are the current hot topics of organizations. Many trends contribute to the OB that exists within each company. Both of these trends can cause stress in the workplace if not handled correctly. Examining the value and influence of these two trends will show how strongly they can affect organizational behavior.

Ethics and Decision MakingAccording to Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn (2003), there are several ways to infuse ethics into decision-making. First and foremost, is the need to develop a code of ethics within the company and then follow it. If procedures are in place and employees are educated on ethical issues, then enforcing the policies will be easier.

A company's ethics is a standard code that businesses uphold so that their employee's know from the start what is allowed and what is not.

Ethics examine the question of how people should act and live. Unethical conduct is accounting for the failures of far too many managers and organizations. One important change is already being made began in college and business schools to stop this terrible cycle. More courses are being taught on business ethics and awareness of ethical issues.

Managers everywhere set the tone for organizational behavior within their companies. Employees need to know they can trust their managers. If trust exists, not only will morale improve, but also employees will require less monitoring by their supervisors. Critical thinking is an important step in making wise decisions. Collecting facts will assist managers in making ethical decisions.

Whatever decision-making managers choose, they must remember that ethics are involved and will ultimately affect the organizational behavior of the company. Ethical decisions and...