Organizational Behavior Trends

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Ethics is an every-day issue, regardless of whether it is in business or in personal lives. In the ever-changing business world, the line of ethical behavior has seemed to blur, and, through rationalization, a decision can be made to appear to be an ethical choice Ethics are a behavior that is accepted as morally "good" and "right," as opposed to "bad" or "wrong," in a particular setting. Ethics are based on morals therefore it is not always easy to decide what is or is not proper ethical behavior. {As ethics are based on morals, it is not always easy when trying to decide if the choice being made is ethical or not, some questions could be asked to see if it is an ethical decision: Have you accurately assessed the problem? Do you have all the necessary information? Does your decision have any symbolic potential? Could it be misunderstood? Have you tested each alternative by asking whether it is legal and fair? Where are your loyalties? Answering these questions as honestly as possible will resolve whether or not your decision is sound and based on proper ethics

The right person for a job may not be promoted because of the personal ethics of a manager If it is known that a manager promotes based on friendship or out of debt, the department will be aware the promotion wasn't due to work-related issues.}

This could cause resentment as well as conflicts within the company. A manager, who hires with bad ethics as their guide, can set the company up for failure. When a person who deserved that position is passed over, the manager made an unjust decision and both the employees and company lose.

The views of a manager also influence how the...