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Management is the process of working with individuals and capital to achieve organizational goals. In order to be an affective manager, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling must be place. One of the must important functions of management is organizing to reach the intended goal or objective. This paper will discuss that organizing functions of management that impacts knowledge and technology may strongly impact an organization's success.

Knowledge is a very important aspect of organization and is imperative for the success of business as whole. Each manager must strives to be knowledgeable about every aspect of a company which includes the overall plans for the company, the objectives for each employee, changes within the markets and expectations that are set for customers issues. It is also important to know of any contingency plans that have been put into place in case of unexpected issues that arise. Within my organization, the knowledge process is carried out by continuing education classes.

Each employee is expected to attend these classes. The content of the classes is dependent upon the need of the position. Any process changes, implementation of initiatives or market updates are discussed prior these classes. Knowledge is not only key to all management when organizing, but a key for the entire organization.

Technology has affected the organizing function of management almost on a daily basis within my organization. Technology is changing so rapidly that management has to be very flexible in his/her daily activities. When technology is taken in consideration, management must plan for future changes in technology, which can bedifficult. Within my company, technology affects my organization since we have to up date the system to internet. As the internet becomes more commonly accessible, the competitors grow. In addition, it is easier for a...