Parents Perceptions of After School Programs

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In Relationship with Students and Non-Students After School Programs can have a tremendous impact on students according recent studies. However, recruiting students to participate regularly in after school programs has become an ongoing challenge. Today young children spend their afternoon in a mix of supervised and unsupervised environment. Spending too many hours unsupervised or engaged in unproductive activities, such as watching television or playing video games and etc. There is evidence that self-care for children younger than 8 or 9 years is associate with poor school adjustment and the unsupervised play with peers has negative effects for older children (Vandell & Shunow, 1999).

Parents, educator, law enforcement leaders, and lawmakers are all concerned about the future of After School Programs. Many believe that after school programs have the possible to offer healthy alternative and promote continual growth in a numbers of ways. Impact The progresses in after school program are paralleled by a growing number of assessments and research activities attempting to access the usefulness and the impact of after school programs.

According to current studies a Poll Report this year showed that voters believe that after school programs are very important and absolute a necessity in America supporting Public Investment. The finding is subscribed as mixed. in spite of the larger number of recent assessments, the collective finding does not reveal any clear blueprint on the program impact of the participants Below is a brief discussion of some interesting research finding and evaluation.

Research Conducted Research indicated through elementary school children in a nationally representative sample did more studying and reading at home than they did in the programs (Hofferth & Jankuncence 2001). Further research finding indicate that educational benefits are the goals of after school programs and more focus can be emphasis on the quality of programs...